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The AMC-list is an ongoing converation about AMC (American Motors Corp.) related topics covering Rambler, AMC, Nash, Hudson, Jeep, AMC/Renault, IKA; cars and parts, hints and help, history or stories, technology or technique, it's all welcome here.
The converation takes place via ordinary email. By joining, you will receive email from other list members on AMC-related topics, and you will be able to reply to them or send your own.
The AMC-list is a group of actual people, and run by members themselves. This is done for love, not money, it has no sneaky commercial angle and is not associated with any money-making group or activity or club. You join, or quit, at any time of your own free will.
If you want to post to the AMC-list online using your web browser, please go to the AMCyclopedia Forum Section. You'll need to sign up there, but it's easy, and the site is well maintained by active AMCers. Here is the main AMCyclopedia site.
You can read the AMC-list archives here on this site, but you cannot post to the list from there.
The old AMXfiles site contains an incredible amount of AMC/Rambler related information and resources. Note, however, that the AMXfiles interface to the AMC-list is no longer working.
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