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To post to the AMC-list via email, you must send only plain text email. Unfortunately, places like Hotmail set all sorts of hidden extra stuff along with your email -- you may not even be aware of it. Here's how to turn it off.


Email from Hotmail is sent in what's called Rich Text format; it includes the ability to send cute blinking smiley faces, different color and sizes of text, and other non-plain-text stuff. It's there, even if you don't use those features. This stuff confounds automatic mailing programs like AMC-list. Here's how you turn it off, thanks to AMC-lister Bill Wrenshaw:

You have to disable the rich-text editor and one way that is done through 
the mail page.

1. On the mail page, click on "NEW" drop-down and then select "mail message"

2. Click on the "tools" drop down menu and then select on "rich-text editor 
"OFF" to deactivate the rich-text editor.

To do it though the mail options

1. Click the "options' link at the upper right side of the "mail page"

2. From the mail options list, click on "personal signature" link

3. Remove the check mark on the check box beside the "show the rich-text 

4. Click OK to save the changes.

Hope that will help those who need to turn the crap off! Its simple and easy 
and a non computer guy like can do it....anyone can.